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Private Classes 55 minutes

For those wishing to address specific postural challenges, enhance specific sports activities or enjoy learning/moving in a private setting.


One Private $76
Five Privates $360
Ten Privates $700

Semi-Private Classes 55 minutes

Share a class with a friend or co-worker and enjoy a personalized program full of variety and challenge using a wide range of apparatus including the Reformer and Chair.


One Semi- Private $45
Five Semi- Privates $200
Ten Semi- Privates $350

Group Combo Classes 55 minutes

A well paced workout encompassing a variety of apparatus including mat, V2 Max Reformer and Stability Chair. Maximum 4 participants. WAITLIST ONLY


1xper week $25.00 per class
2xper week $22.50 per class
Various days and payment is monthly

Therapeutic Yoga 60 minutes

This therapeutic yoga series will introduce the foundations of yoga and mindfulness using positive psychology, affirmations, yoga postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques. You will learn how to safely execute poses while improving body awareness, joint stability, flexibility, strength, and mobility. Modifications will be given to meet each student's individual needs. Class will progress at a comfortable pace, balancing challenge, fun, and relaxation. this class is suitable for anyone, new to yoga, recovering from injury, or anyone wanting to improve their practice and well being.

Spinal Care Program 60 minutes

Kimberly Maine, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Yoga Therapist developed this unique program. Kimberly has experience working with a wide range of back injuries and common structural spinal conditions. She educates each student on how to use therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, positive psychology and rehabilitative exercises to help prevent, heal, and cope with back pain or injury. She understands how back injury and pain can affect all aspects of your well being and life, and she is excited to help you get back to doing what you love. No yoga experience needed. Suitable for anyone with back pain, recovering from injury, or those interested in improving core and spinal strength, stability, mobility and flexibility. This is a small group class with a maximum of four participants.

Floor Barre 55 minutes

This workout combines basic ballet technique with Yoga and Pilates to create an amazing “core centered” class. Using only your own body weight in this Mat based class you will improve your alignment and lengthen and strengthen your muscles.

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